Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Teal Tuesday: Braided Manicure

Morning everyone :)  This is my first of two posts today, and it's Teal Tuesday!  This week's theme is a braided manicure.

I saw this technique done a few weeks ago, and have fancied giving it a go since.  I didn't actually have any idea how to do it, but I assumed it was something involving tape.  So I whipped out the selotape, taped off some stripes on my accent nail and went for it.  When I'd done all the striped in one direction, I got a little confused as to how to do them the other way to complete the braided mani.  I googled away, and discovered I'd done it totally wrong.  I persevered anyway with the tape version on my left hand, and then did it the way the internet told me to on my right hand.

So, in a controversial and unexpected turn of events, you're seeing my right hand today.

I did consider flipping this photo horizontally so that it'd look like my left hand...

Anyway, all the polishes are Barry M.  We've got Teal, Gold Foil and Matt White, topped off with Seche Vite (which has caused a little shrinkage, argh!).

Have a look at how everyone else fared:


  1. Loving your braid mani! Will def have to give it ago :)
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, you can follow my link for the details!

  2. hahaha you are sooooo controversial! i love it, the colors are spot on perfect for this!