Sunday, 5 August 2012

French Tips

Just a simple manicure today.  I did these the other week for a wedding reception I attended - I didn't want anything too busy going on, but I wanted them to coordinate with my black and silver dress.

I used Collection 2000 French Pink and French White, and then nail art pens for the black, silver and glitter lines.

Only a short post today sorry, but I'm far too distracted by the Olympics still.  I hope you all saw how well we did yesterday :p  The last time we won five gold medals in one day was in 1908, and then we went and won six :D  Good times.

I'll have two posts for you on Tuesday, as I'm taking part in both Teal Tuesdays and Polish Days.  I'm looking forward to seeing what manicures everyone else comes up with!


  1. very classy & well done! I regulary struggle with french tips, I can never EVER get hem to look straight on me.

    1. I'm awful at doing a normal french tip, they always wobble, which is why I went for this shape :) Just two strokes of the brush, and then any little mistakes were covered with the black.

  2. I love this, need my nails to hurry up and grow so I can do tips again!