Friday, 31 August 2012


So today is Friday...I'm sure for a lot of you this is a "Yay, it's almost the weekend!" sort of occasion.  For me, it's a "Argh, only three days til I have to work!", my last day of work being the 22nd June...  Oh well, for those of you who haven't been spending your summer slacking off, happy Friday!

I have some Paralympic nail art for you today.  I would like to say before I show's a little bit messy, and one of the colours is a bit off, but it took me aaaages, so be nice!

I think I need to cut down one of my nail art brushes, they were all too fat to do the little blue stripes on the two!  Anyhoo, the colours I used are Barry M Matt White (you should really be able to guess that one by now) and Blueberry Ice Cream, Max Factor Disco Pink and Bright Orange, and China Glaze Exotic Encounters.

In other news, my sister's just discovered she's going to have her Headteacher for some lessons this year, hahahahahhhhaha.  She's gutted :D

Anyhoo, hope you're all enjoying the Paralympics and the last few days of the summer holidays!


  1. Love the design, the pink and orange are brilliantly vibrant against the white!! I have Barry M White but mine has gone a bit on the thick side, is there a way of making it thinner and easier to work with? :-)

    1. Thanks :) Apparently the Seche Restore works really well with all polishes that have thickened (I've got a bottle ordered), it's a little pricey but apparently lasts ages. I'm sure there'll be cheaper versions around as well.

  2. Really like your take on the olympics :)
    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award x