Wednesday, 16 January 2013


I think I mentioned after Christmas that my brother and sister-in-law bought me a case for all my nail polish for Christmas, and now that it's all filled I have some pictures to show you!

Look at it!  Isn't it amazing??

It's the perfect height for polish bottles and just about holds all my full size polishes (I did have a little mini breakdown when I couldn't get them all to fit in at first though lol.  My Barry M's, OPIs and China Glazes all have their own sections because they're my faaaavs.

In the top, from left to right and top to bottom, I have striping tape and nail scissors, sponges, microbeads, Nail Envy, Sharpies, nail file, nail art brushes, dotting tools, silver and gold glitters, and black and white nail art pens.

And here's how everything else is stored!  Starting top left and going clockwise...

1. All my stickers, decals and nail foils.  Also some flocking powder because it had no where else to live and fitted in there so nicely...

2. The essentials for every manicure - my basecoat, selection of top coats, nail polish remover and cotton pads, acetone, Lemony Flutter and cocktail sticks.

3.  Crackles, magnetic polishes, minis and other nail art pens.

4.  Various pretties!  Rhinestones, fimo, dried flowers, pearls...anything in a wheel is welcome.

5.  My OPI minis - obviously these have to stay in the box because that's half of the appeal of them.  It does mean I hardly ever use them though...Perhaps I should have a week of manicures only using those, what do you think?

6.  My little mini stamping collection.  The set came with 2 plates, I bought another 2, and I have one on the way from Born Pretty Store.  A rather poor effort when you hear how many plates stamping fanatics have!  But I'm so rubbish at it lol, I might as well just spend the money on pretty sparkly polishes instead :D

All those bits go in a bag, so this is the collection all together:

Only slightly larger than the boyfriend's collection of xbox games behind...ahem...

How do you store your polishes?


  1. Awesome! I desperately need storage lol! :)

  2. The case is gorgeous. Storage is always a struggle :)

  3. Nice! You're so organized. My nail stuff is all over the place and it takes me forever to find what I need.

    1. It's so nice now having all my polishes in one place. They used to be in 3 separate boxes, so I just only ever bothered using polishes that were in the most accessible box...

  4. That is one fabulous nail polish case (and selection)! Would you mind me asking where your brother and sister-in-law bought it? I need it in my life! :)

    1. I'll ask for you. I know it's a tool box rather than a nail polish case if that aids your search, but I'll try to find out where it was from!

  5. That would be excellent! Thanks for the hint :)

  6. Thanks. I'll have a look :)

  7. I love it!! I keep my nail polishes in shoe boxes, but your way is so neat and organised! Thanks for the idea... i might just steal it myself :)

  8. Replies
    1. It's amazing isn't it...Sometimes I just look at it and sigh with contentment.