Thursday, 17 January 2013

Zebra Print Tutorial

I just received an email reminding me about an essay I was supposed to submit on Monday...whoops.  That's the rest of my night gone!

So here's one I prepared earlier!

This is a tutorial for zebra nails!  You can see examples where I've used this technique here and here (yes, that's orange zebra print, not tiger print...).  It's super easy to do and, like all animal print, it's faaaaabulous.

You will need:

  • Black polish
  • White polish
  • A striper brush
Of course, you can play around and use different colours :)  Just make sure you either use a darker polish for your stripes than your base, or one that's opaque in one coat.


1. Prepare your nail as usual, and apply your white polish.

2. Using your striper brush and black polish, paint a slightly curved V shape on your nail.  You can vary the size, position and orientation of this V on all your nails, then you don't have to worry about making every nail identical!

3. Starting from the other side of your nail, paint lines either side of your V.  Don't make these lines too straight - keeping the lines relaxed and a little bit curved is the key to this look :)

4.  Try making some of your lines fork into two, to give it a more zebra-y look.

5. Carry on with your lines until you've covered your whole nail.

6. Clean up any rogue polish and apply your favourite topcoat.  Ta da!